“I like that the children can have fun exercising. They can get their energy out, it breaks up the day and they love doing it.”-Miss Meghan Volpi, teacher

“The kids love when Coach Becky comes through the door, they are so excited and happy! They are very good listeners during Stretch-n-Grow class. They learn how to follow directions while they are learning how to balance and improve their motor skills.” -Miss Alyssa Brun, teacher


“The children get excited when it’s time to go to Stretch-n-Grow. I like that they are constantly moving and have noticed they are learning healthy things, having fun with friends and have time for social development as well.” -Miss Lori Hess, teacher

“I have noticed the children in Stretch-n-Grow have a higher gross motor skill as well as more control during a group activity involving movement. I like the activity it gives the kids. The benefits I see include group organization and out of class experience.” -Miss Lauren, teacher


“The Stretch-n-Grow Yoga class has been a great addition to our program. The children have learned different breathing techniques to calm themselves down and have learned how to us yoga during the day. We have seen many benefits including positive thoughts and calming strategies.” -teacher


“Our students are happier and excited about having Stretch-n-Grow each week. We like the themes and it teaches them the benefits of exercise, good sportsmanship, healthy food choices and about their bodies. They learn and remember the muscles Coach Becky teaches each week. It gets the children moving and teaches them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.” -Miss Susan Artemik, teacher

“They have more energy and discuss concepts they’ve heard like healthy choices and different muscles. I like the variety of activities and the creative way they are introduced. I would recommend the program because it instills an early love and appreciation for activity and mindful eating.” -Miss Leigh Thomson, teacher


“Our children are more active as a result of engaging in Stretch-n-Grow. They often recreate the activities they do with Coach Becky. They learn at least one new word each time she visits and she makes doing physical education super fun. Our friends always get so excited every time Stretch-n-Grow comes to the school!” – Miss Marybell Flores, teacher

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